5 tips to living a life worth living

Trevonae Williams, student of Manchester High School

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
– Joseph Chilton Pearce

Nowadays, the goal of many millennials and ‘Gen Z-ers’ is to “live their best life”. The saying, which gained popularity, thanks to the song I’m Living my Best Life by Lil Duval, and the numerous Internet memes associated with it, is synonymous with enjoying life to the fullest – living life on ‘my’ terms, doing things that are worth ‘my’ while and, ultimately, being happy. Like most clichés, however, this is much easier said than done.

Life is full of obstacles – a dreary job, a toxic relationship or, as is commonly the case, a lack of resources. Despite our everyday problems, there are simple methods that we can all use to achieve self-fulfillment. Here are five tips to living a life worth living:


Where do you want to be in five years? How about 10 years from now? Chances are, your vision includes achievements such as getting a degree, securing your dream job or travelling the world. It is also likely that there are persons around you who will try to, or are trying to, discourage you from going after your goals – they might say that your goals are “too big”, “too unrealistic”, or that “you will never achieve them”. It is challenging to ignore these sentiments, especially when they come from people you love and who you think have your best interest at heart. A vital part of taking charge of your life involves overcoming the negative energy around you and focusing on what it is that you want. At the end of the day, you will only regret the chances that you didn’t take. Dream big, and do so unapologetically!


As we grow, it is important that we practise honesty. As our goals and desires begin to take shape, our circumstances may become hard for us to accept, but being true to self is vital to our growth. For example, if you are a high-school student, you may want to go to university right after graduation, but your parents may not be able to afford your tertiary education. Consider the feasibility of having to take out a student loan versus getting a job until you can pay for your own tuition. You may be struggling with your health and are afraid to admit that your poor dietary habits are the reasons behind it. There is nothing wrong with having a few shortcomings; we all experience a fault or inadequacy now and then, but be honest about your shortcomings and will yourself on to improve them.


It is one thing to have tons of exciting ideas about the direction in which you want to take your life, but those ideas are meaningless if they are not executed. Proper execution, however, isn’t possible without proper planning. If you have a goal, whether it is long term or short term, it is important to break it down into smaller steps. This way, you can have a clear idea of what you need to do in order to achieve your end goal. Clarity reduces stress and anxiety. Setting straightforward objectives will better equip you in chasing after your dreams and passion.


It is often said that the most constant thing in life is change. This applies to every facet of life – no matter how much you organise, how much time or money you invest, or how badly you work for a desired outcome – there is always a possibility of things not going according to plan. This can be a deterrent for anyone, especially when a lot of effort has been put into the cause. This is where flexibility comes in – to achieve your most extraordinary goals, you must learn to adapt to changes and to be flexible enough to stay afloat when things happen unexpectedly. Roadblocks are inevitable, but they don’t have to determine your outcome. It is your responsibility to be persistent in pursuit of your dreams.


You have identified your goals and created your objectives, and you’ve found your passion. It is now time to go after them. You must erase the fear of ‘not achieving’ and be brave enough to go after dreams. Create opportunities and seize them. Remain passionate, remain hungry, and don’t allow yourself to be deterred by naysayers who try to prevent you from growing. The world is a big place, but your zeal is even bigger! Seize every opportunity that comes your way and live your best life to the fullest.

– Written by Trevonae Williams, student of Manchester High School. Edited by Kaeonna Walters. This post appears courtesy of the Do Good Jamaica Professional Pathways high-school internship programme.

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