music on the streets


'way we roll'

Antonio: Yet another song from 'Mr Vado'. Singing expressly on his ever-growing fame both a yaad and abroad, he sorta mimics his early track - at the top - with the same theme and gimmicks. Seeing as how his frequency in terms of releasing songs isn't as it was before, when he drops one, I have no doubt that he has put extra effort into it.

Lamando: I like the introduction to the song. That jazzy rhythm leaves one guessing what's to come; it is also used throughout the song itself. One thing, though, the repetition of the chorus is a bit annoying. More verses would have made it a better listen, but I will not bash him too much for it because it's somewhat of a change from the normally lyrically developed body in his songs.

Antonio: He seems to be comfortable keeping himself relevant with his fans and also keeping up to speed with this our fast-growing dancehall industry, and it shows in his songs. However, he basically sings about his fame and wealth, which begs the question, is this comfort zone a good or bad thing? I guess time will tell.

Antonio: 3 out of 5 spins

Lamando: 3 out of 5 spins

Beenie Man (featuring) Taz timeless

'Up Inna Life'

Antonio: This has an upbeat, watered-down, soca feel to it; 'Right Turn' rhythm giving the track an exciting beat to finish off some fairly creative lyrics. The song can 'gwan' inna my book. Not much to say on it. Seeing that he is vastly favoured by you, Lamando, take the lead on this one for me (lol).

Lamando: Vershon is one of my favourite artistes, but the music industry is becoming a bit mundane. If it's not a Jahmiel, Alkaline, Popcaan, and even a Kartel, we don't really get a single that will leave our ears pleased and/or music library updated. I miss the old dancehall when there were lyrical clashes and songs that you had to repeat a 100 times, or even slow it down just to master the lyrics, so you don't feel left out at parties. This song is so simple: the lyrics, the vocals, even the rhythm.

Antonio: He has been having a large impact on the dancehall scene and that's all a person in this industry could ever want, really. Staying on this track and improving it is the safest way to maintain traction and produce hits.

Antonio - 3 out 5 spins
Lamando - 2 out of 5 spins 

vybz kartel (featuring) Shawn storm  

'super star' 

Antonio: This Shawn and Addi collab is not as upbeat as their previous collabs, but it's a positive track. Praising some careers that the public deem demeaning, dead-end jobs, they provide an uplifting perspective; demeaning or not, at the end of the day, money is being made and children are being taken care of, and I agree with that 100 per cent.

Lamando: Yeah, I agree with you, Antonio, and it's a very good collab at that. Two incarcerated artistes many were wondering if they would ever hear a collab from again. Shawn Storm had some really great lines in his verses, and leaving Kartel in charge of the chorus was a good idea, knowing his ability to produce something very interesting, no matter what beat he is on.

Antonio: Being able to provide, in its own right, is 'super-stardom'. Non-traditional jobs are there for persons to do, and they can bring home the bacon. Expounding on the realism of it was good on their part, but one song won't change the views of persons who turn up their noses on most, if not all, of the not-so-nice things being a breadwinner entails.

Antonio: 3.5 out of 5 spins
Lamando: 3 out of 5 spins