Marlon Sergeant: Constructing a career in photograph

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

Construction and photography may not be the obvious career pairing for the average 19-year-old, but for University of Technology (UTech) student Marlon Sergeant it is most practical. After successfully completing an associate degree in architectural and construction technology at Montego Bay Community College, he is now enrolled in the same programme at UTech, but this time for a bachelor's degree. He has also taken up photography and he calls his new venture MOS Multimedia.

"I have been observing the works of some photographers around and I said to myself I know I can produce better work than this. With that in mind, I began practising my photographic skills with the view of being able to bring more class and creativity to the arena," Marlon says.
Photography is much more than just taking pictures, he explains. "Nowadays, I think the business of photography is really being treated as joke, locally. Someone may have a regular digital camera or even a professional camera and suddenly thinks he is the best photographer around ... nonsense."

He is adamant that being the best requires constant practice, trial and error and learning from experienced photographers. "With MOS Multimedia my area of specialty is event photography. Nothing can compare to hearing the positive comments people have about my work and I use that as a motivation to get better and continue improving in this new-found passion," says the budding photographer with a smile.

Balancing photography with school is a challenge and he admits that it is the passion and motivation from his peers that keeps him going to see where this venture takes his curious mind. "For now, I intend to take it one step at a time while placing my studies first. I see myself working in the construction industry while being a well-seasoned photographer. It doesn't matter what you find yourself doing, as long as you love it just pursue it to the maximum," he exhorts.