KC, Clarendon College advance in Super Cup

Antonio Gayle

Youtlink Writer

Double-header match day
• Jamaica College vs Clarendon College
• Kingston College vs Vere Technical High

On October 22, the ISSA-Flow 2016 Super Cup second day of matchups got under way with two of schoolboy football finest participants: Jamaica College (JC) and Clarendon College. With the back and forth between the two teams, only one could come out on top, and Claredon College was the one. Claredon College defeating JC by one goal led to a hush in the stands, where there were mainly JC supporters. However, there were a few cheers from the Kingston College (KC) fans who were present to watch their team play against Vere Tech.
Just a few minutes after the JC and Clarendon College match ended, the KC-Vere Tech match got under way. The excitement of the crowd and the persistence of the two teams made for an excellent double-header game day at Sabina Park. Kingston College emerged victorious, scoring two goals, while Vere Tech scored one goal. KC and Clarendon College advanced to the second round.
Stay tuned for more excitement in this year's ISSA-Flow Super Cup.