It's all about balancing

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

Balancing two unique careers is something 19-year-old Samantha Jackson is intent on doing, especially since one involves keeping persons entertained.

The Jamaica-born Harding University student, who is pursuing a degree in nursing in the United States of America, has decided to balance her books and needles with music, rap-gospel to be exact.

"I describe my music as a powerful force," she said with a smile when Youthlink questioned her. "I believe there is a connection between every emotion we feel and my way with words, hence making a musical healing for people who need a shoulder to lean on, and I do that through my music" she continued.

With the stage name Sammi Jay, the former Herbert Morrison Technical High School student revealed that along with her desire to care for people physically, she wants to care for their emotional sides by doing the kind of music that will facilitate healing.

"I wrote my first song at the age of 12, but recognised my passion for rap music when I performed at school concerts in high school and at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission festivals. Since then, I've written and recorded 15 rap tracks and am currently working on a new album to be released in the fall," Sammi Jay proudly declared to Youthlink.

While she is aware that female gospel rappers are not entirely popular in Jamaica, she hopes that her music and delivery will have an impact internationally as well as locally, and change this concept.

No time is being wasted in promoting her material. She already has several videos posted on YouTube and Sound Cloud, some of which include On & On - Sammi Jay, Sammi Jay Put Your Hands Up, I Wanna Be and Sammi Jay featuring The Hoodies.

"My goal is to uplift whoever listens to my music and I hope to go large someday. It's really my dream; I just have to keep them prayers up!" the artiste said.