Hope Well High

Youthlink Writer: Lamando Shepherd
On March 14, 2017, our journey took us once more to the western sections of Jamaica, wherethe team got a chance to visit the Hopewell High school, and to gather information on what differsHopewell High from other high schools within the St. James vicinity. The day Commenced at a slow pace,but gradually gained momentum which made our experience a lot more memorable.

Hope Well High first open its doors on September 4, 2006, with a body of 391 students, 207 ofthem being Females and 184 males and an academic staff of 19 members. The Pioneer students Mainlycame from the parishes of St. James ad Hanover. These students had access to 14 classes 7 groups ofgrades Seven students and 7 groups of grades Nine students. The school, like most schools in Jamaica isoperated by the government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Education.

Under the Mission Statement “To Create an maintain an environment which fosters the holisticdevelopment of the leaner: thus equipping them with the skills, values, attitudes necessary for them tofunction effectively in the global market.” Hopewell implores all its students as stated by the school’sprincipal to strive for what you believe in thus creating a stage at which 5 th form graduates can oncemore have a chance of farthing their education. This was done by developing a special grade wherestudents are allowed to do the CAP program, and as time progresses they hope to improve that stagewhere they are allowed to sit the CAPE examinations.

One of the major obstacle that Hopewell High is currently facing is the tardiness and indisciplinestudents, but with they have been implementing a number of disciplinary measures to get that situationunder control. One of them being improving the school’s security to hinder violent and harmfulaccidents from populating on the school’s compound. They have renovated the schools fencing anddistributed a number of security camera to have surveillance on the entire compound at any time.

Nevertheless, Hope Well has a lot to boast about, one of them even being now having a more friendschool environment after implementing the numerous security measures. They are also very proud ofthe relationship between the members of staff and students, they have a bond that is considered toresemble one of a family, and that’s an initiative they peruse on a day to day basis.