Five things to never do after a fight

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer

It is 100 per cent normal for couples to argue. In the heat of the moment hurtful words may be exchanged and, in some cases, brutal statements may be made. Just as significant as what happens during the squabble is what takes place post altercation, and the saying 'action speaks louder than words' couldn't be more true in this 'make or break' crucial phase of the relationship. Here are five actions to avoid during these times, whether you are completely over the argument or still working on the forgiveness part.

1. Twitter rant

Twitter is the most current, quickly updated and highly publicised arm of social media. Thoughts, news and even entertaining quotes are all muddled into one constant stream of activity. Going on a Twitter rant not only gives outsiders access to your life but also opens the door to criticism and rather opinionated 'tweeters'.

2. Run to friends

In most cases, friends serve as the main support group. They will be on your side no matter what the situation may be. Running to them, however, should not be your first course of action after an argument. Their advice will not likely be objective and they may introduce confusion and even scepticism into your relationship.

3. Deleting spree

In the aftermath of an argument, you are likely to behave completely irrationally. The need to abate the hurt may prompt you to erase all signs of your discomfort. Try to avoid this for all may not be lost. The rage may fade, so do not leave in its wake any actions you may regret.

4. The cold shoulder

If you need space after an argument, it's Ok, as long as you tell the person. "One of the biggest mistakes people make after an argument is stonewalling," says Rachel A. Sussman, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert. It is Ok to take time to get your bearings together and allow for recuperation.

5. Future weapon

After resolving any dispute, please bury the hatchet. Constantly bringing up past confrontations can lead to talking in circles rather than finding a resolution and growing in your relationship. If you say you have got over it, then be prepared to really move on.