Extreme Playstation value

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

So, while digging through the pile of devices on my desk, I found something I had reviewed before: a PS (PlayStation) Vita, which is like the offspring that would have been produced if a PS4 and a PS3 were to have a child. Anyway, nothing has changed in terms of the hardware since its last review, but a lot has changed in the software department since the inception of the PS4. Let's explore the added benefit of owning a PS Vita.

Value 1: Remote play

The PS Vita has the ability to remotely play games that have been registered on your PS4 or PS3. This means that you no longer need to have your television on to see the games you are playing on your console. Everything is beamed directly to the PS Vita with sound and video. Remote play between the PS4 and PS Vita is literally perfect, with minimal to no lag whatsoever. Just make sure you are connected directly to the PS4 and not through your home Wi-Fi router. Also, remote play can be done over the Internet, which opens up a lot of possibilities like playing MK X while you are away from home.

Value 2: Cross buy

Sony has pioneered an awesome feature called cross buy. Cross buy is the ability to buy a game for a Sony gaming console and own it for all Sony gaming consoles (PS4, PS3, PS Vita). For example, I bought Resugun for the PS4 and, due to cross buy, I also own it on PS3 and PS Vita. That's the beauty of cross buy which has caused me to own tons of PS Vita and PS3 games currently.

Value 3: PS Vita/ PSP/PS One Games

The PS Vita is the only hand-held that has a large library comprising games from multiple platforms; games like Pursuit Force are from the PSP era and platform, while Crash Team Racing is from the PS One era and platform. These games and more are available on the PS Vita, and this is a joy for a true PlayStation fanatic.

Final thoughts

There is no reason, if you have the extra cash, to not buy the PS Vita. It's a no-brainer, especially when you are a PS Plus subscriber and get multiple free games for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita monthly. By the end of the year, you will have enough games to stone the mongrel dog next door, just for the fun of it.
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