Emoji apparel

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Emojis remain an easy, clever way to express feelings via text messages, Instagram, and now clothing. Yes, you read correctly. When emojis first became popular, Youthlink started to notice unique and comical faces being featured on a few items of clothing. Now, a popular trend has emerged. This month especially, Youthlink has seen many teens wearing emoji hats, dresses and other items all around Jamaica. Of course, trendy emoji patterns have already appeared on some international runways. If you want to take up this trend, or you already have, make sure to own the unique pattern with confidence, and complement it with stylish but minimal accessories such as jewellery and shoes. In other words, if you are donning an all-emoji dress or outfit, tone it down with a simple necklace or plain black shoes. Also, remember to have fun with this trend, and smile!