DIY prom proposals

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Exams are almost over and graduation is approaching faster than you think. That also means your end-of-year ball is right around the corner. While asking a girl or a guy to accompany you to prom may not seem like that big a deal, it is still something into which you should put effort. Asking that special someone does not have to mean spending lots of money or getting stressed about the entire ordeal. See how Youthlink thinks you can make it easier with these five DIY prom proposals.

Edible ask

A promposal that involves food is probably one of the easiest and yummiest ways to ask someone out. You can find out your person's favourite food, either bake or buy it and simply personalise it with the word prom. An additional bonus is that you will have some delicious food to eat, whether the person says yes or no.

Musical melody

If you are brave enough and have the right vocal talent, why not sing him or her a song? You could even get friends involved to play instruments or hold the speaker as you sing your heart out.

DIY Shirts

Want a fun way to ask a date to prom while still being able to look cool? You could make easy DIY prom T-shirts. Just buy a T-shirt in the colour you want and use a sharpie to write out the word prom and do not forget to add a little tick here for interactive fun.

Funny and personal sign

If making your potential prom date laugh is your thing, then add a bit of humour to your proposal. Make a poster with cartridge paper, some markers and give it a funny twist. For example, write 'Will you go to prom with me when pigs fly?' andthen release pink balloons with pig faces drawn on them. This will be sure to make your date smile and say yes to your prom proposal.

Something Noticeable

Mostly everyone likes big gestures, so show the girl or guy that he/she really means a lot to you. In order to pull off a big gesture, get more people involved, such as the school marching band, to make a scene, or a flash mob to grab not just your potential date but everyone's attention. Whatever you decide to do here, make sure it is big and requires a lot of planning and effort, because that is how you will show you truly care.