A cut above the rest: Cuttin’ Edge Band

Mickella Anderson: Youthlink Writer

“Friends coming together to play music,” is how drummer, Gregory “Flexxah Drumz” Young describes the genesis of his musical family known on the hotel scene as Cuttin’ Edge Band. “(It has been) sharing ideas and just being and doing what we love most which is music,” said Young.

Having taken off just last year, the band is based in the idyllic Jewel Paradise Cove in St Ann and features five males and a lone female who also happens to be a familiar face in the music industry. One Cameal Davis, the songbird best remembered for her rise to fame in 2008 as the Digicel Rising Star of that year, told Youthlink in a recent interview, “This is my first time being in a band officially and I think for me I connect with the band so much. It’s hard to say no; I love the band, they are extremely talented individually and when we come together it’s awesome so I just had to test the water and see what happened.”

Davis, no stranger to the hotel circuit having worked in the industry for many years before entering music, assured however that her dreams as a solo artiste have not been abandoned. “The brand Cameal Davis is still separate and apart from the band,” she said.

Internationally speaking
With a pastime of entertaining a number of international crowds, the group has eyes set on the international market. Keyboard player Tulloch asserted confidently, “We’re ready for the road.” He said, “I see us touring Europe, getting some festivals and stuff like that; we’re thinking big.” About their experience performing for foreigners on the hotel scene, pianist Marcel “Keyes” Pryce, explained, “The hotel crowd is not a regular Jamaican crowd where you play just reggae. In this line of work, we have to do a mixture of everything: reggae, pop, hip-hop, gospel, soul, you name it.”

He says the group does not perform only renditions of crowd favourites. “We do covers mostly but we do write our own stuff that we perform sometimes.” Although the Jamaican music industry is known to deal harsh realities at times even for such masterful performers, Kamar “Cunny” Johnson, bass player at Cutting Edge is not deterred by this fact. According to him, “We’re working. It’s not easy so far but we have been doing promotional stuff trying to get our name out there, individually as well.” “We’ve gotten positive comments from people all around,” said Johnson.
Easily detected of the Cuttin’ Edge quality is that each member packs their own individual talent and unique personality. According to guitar player, Kenrick “Guitzy” Cunningham, this quality will have much to do with the collective success of the group. “It (individuality) helps the band to work because Greg might have a different personality and because of that, he has a different taste for music and comes with different ideas. It all boils back down to the music where we cut up things, as Kirk said, and put them back together and in doing so, it really helps us as a band,” Cunningham said. Davis pointed out however that although these personalities can be active and exuberant, the group is always one to display an incredible work ethic when needed. “They don’t just cut up music,” she said jokingly. “On a day to day basis, it’s always fun; it’s always something new and exciting but when it comes on to work, everybody gets down to it.” 

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