Chukka ATV

Danielle Mullings: Youthlink Writer 
Safari Nestled in the lush, tropical parish of St. Ann, the Chukka Llandovery Estate is the perfect place to spend a few hours with friends 16 and over. With four locations in Jamaica alone offering ATVs, Youthlink decided to have the experience at the Ocho Rios location. I was curious as to why Chukka thought to introduce ATVs and the response from manager, Taylor summed it up perfectly. “Some places are more accessible by horseback than ATVs and vice versa, so having both allows you to showcase different areas of Jamaica,” said Taylor.
Before you start the tour, change into clothes that you are comfortable getting muddy in and wear closed-toe shoes. No need to worry about bringing goggles, the helmet provided has a built-in shield for your face. Ladies do not wear any buns or other ‘up-dos’, as the helmet will need to fit snug on your head. For those who wish to do the cliff jumping at the end of the tour, ensure that you pack a swimsuit and a towel. Last but not least, do not forget to bring your learners or drivers’ licence. Additional items you may consider bringing are sunscreen, shades and a hat. Now it’s time for the fun! The Llandovery estate has 12 ATVs, so this is definitely an experience for a group of fun loving and adventurous friends. Bring your squad or a few classmates. The rugged dirt trail terrain varies slightly according to the seasons. “For summer, the track is pretty muddy due to rainfall but that makes the experience even better!” said manager, Taylor. Lucky for me, no ATV experience is required for this ride. I was a bit rusty when starting out but by the end of the warm up riding lesson, I was ready and raring to go. We journeyed deep into the countryside passing farms, a small local community, a river bed, plenty of lush grasslands and even through a tunnel! I splashed in the mud every chance I got as I found it to be very exhilarating. The last location you drive towards is the Chukka Cove. This was one of the most thrilling experiences of my lifetime as I jumped off the cliff into sea, effectively washing off my mud filled clothes. This jump is not for the faint of heart however as I spent a few minutes contemplating before jumping. For those who cannot bear jumping, you do have the option of using the ladder to enter the Caribbean waters. As a heads up, this swim in the ocean is your only chance to wash off the mud as there are no external pipes.
When your tour is done, you can always check out the gift shop or pet a horse that is walking by. If you ever choose to visit Chukka Llandovery, remember they also have horseback riding. You could also visit the newly extended Good Hope Estate location where they have introduced a 50ft waterfall, 300ft slide and wading pools.  CostSummer offers are not available as yet.
Price: Approx. $19,500 JA ($150 US) 
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