I truly want to expand the career possibilities for the young ladies in Queen’s School. I want them to see new avenues for them to be successful in life and to look at the breadth of subjects available with opened eyes and minds.”“More importantly I want them to meet women who are owning their leadership positions and transforming industries to instill that confidence in them in hopes that one day they will do the same,” concluded Reynolds.

Career FielsBeginning at 9 am and ending at 2 pm, students were able to choose from over 25 presentations to attend based on their interest in the presenter’s career field.The Hope Elliott Memorial Scholarship programme collaborated with The Queen’s School to bring guest presenters, Catherine Goodall, Marketing Manager - Beverages at LASCO Distributors, Dania Beckford, CEO of Broadtail Designs and Director of Entertainment at the Ministry of Culture, Gender,Entertainment and Sports and Carlette DeLeon, media personality and Managing Director of Breakthrough Communications.

From Beckford, the students walked away with a changed mindset of looking at the core of the jobversus the exterior aspects to ensure it truly suited them.“The benefits of a job are always great but it is important to think about what the core job is before youchoose it. Do not just look at the glitz and glamour. If the core job does not make you happy then maybethat job is not for you”, said Beckford.

The girls learned from Goodall the importance of qualifications for whichever career field that theychoose and the tasks that are important to do her job.Beyond the presentations the Queen’s students were also introduced to the Hope Elliott MemorialScholarship and were able to see current awardee, Amelia Smith in action as she gave the vote of thanksfor these three sessions.

The Hope Elliott Memorial Scholarship, executed by Breakthrough Communications, provides financialaid in the form of tuition, insurance, sports gears and lunch allowance to two students of The Queen’sSchool who have shown academic promise but do not have financial means. Also as a part of thescholarship programme recipients will also receive gift certificates from corporate sponsors, LASCO Distributors Ltd, receive media and social skills training, mentorship, internships, a professional photoshoot and a networking luncheon.