BB Corner - Of Buses, Your Blackberry and BB pins


Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer


Joke of the Week:

Bus Threat
A man entered a bus and realized his wallet was missing. "Smaddy pick mi wallet an' if mi nuh find it, di same ting wah happen inna 1987 a go gwaan in yah tideh!" shouted the angry passenger.
The other passengers in the bus began to wonder and fear for their lives. The pickpocket, scared and worried, gave it back. When the man checked, everything was still inside.
A curious university girl asked, "Sir, what happened in 1987?"
The man smiling, replied, "Smaddy pick mi wallet an' mi did haffi (he paused for dramatic effect) walk all the way home." 

Quote of the Week:

"Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending." ~ Nina Roberta Baker 

BB Discussion topic of the week:

Do you think it is appropriate to include your BlackBerry pin on a curriculum vitae/résumé?

Top-three Comments:

Orville Bryan: That would be OK, since it is an effective way to communicate. Most times we receive a call for an interview or one to advise us that we have an interview, but by the time we hang up the phone we forget most of the information. To receive the same information via BlackBerry would be acceptable and appreciated. It should be allowed as it is useful.

Kerry-Kay Clayton: Since it's an easy way of communication, it would be appropriate to put it on a résumé. A lot of businesses use BlackBerrys and also require that your social life is reflective of the company you work with, so it's up to the BlackBerry owner to be careful what display picture is used and the message he/she puts across.

Jason Thomas: I think you should save some things to be requested, unless you're writing a marketing résumé and some companies entail networking. Otherwise, it is unlikely that your personal BB pin is needed info. You may feel free to give it to the job interviewer but keep it off the CV.

YL Writer's Comment:

Jamila Litchmore: Your BlackBerry pin may be placed on a résumé as it is a mode of contact, but the issue comes up - what does your BlackBerry profile look like? Do you have very personal status messages? Do you consistently broadcast obscure ideas? Does your employer even want to add you as a contact for the purpose of communicating with you? Perhaps I am old-school, but I may be contacted by any one of my email addresses or telephone numbers. No, I do not commit the aforementioned 'BlackBerry crimes', but no BlackBerry pins on my résumé. 

Fact of the Week:

The first commercially available BlackBerry device was released as a two-way pager in 1999 and the device got its 'fruity' name after someone noted that the keys on it resembled groups of seeds. After going over several seed- based fruits, they settled on BlackBerry because most of the devices were black at the time.
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Picture of the week:

Cows are left to pasture on a cool morning on the Serge Island Farms property. (Submitted by Adrine Spencer)