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Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week:

"The grass is not greener on the other side. It's greener where ever you choose to water it." - Anonymous

BB aware tip:

A petition was delivered to the Jamaican Government, Hon Peter Bunting, the Ministry of National Security; Hon Lisa Hanna, the Ministry of Youth and Culture; and the Hon Mark Golding, the Ministry of Justice, through, a global website that allows persons to introduce petitions for causes. Under this petition, Jamaicans for Justice highlighted the needs of children in public places of safety. Most of the feedback we have received through BB Corner revolves around children or Jamaica's youth being hesitant to report abuse due to reports of treatment received from adults in these facilities. Because of this mistreatment, some children run away and are deemed troublemakers and the punishment is to place them in adult lock-ups where they face further abuse. Follow up on the cause (, although it was closed on July 25, 2013 doubling the target goal for signatures. See if we can emancipate these youths in state homes and provide a way for them to be able to express themselves freely.

Let's BB-save:

Sometimes we add credit to our phones and unknowingly use it. When we place our phones in our pockets or bags, it is important to put on the key lock or password lock to avoid credit being removed from your mobile phone. Accidentally making phone calls or using the browser can use up minutes and mobile data.

BB discussion topic:

What do you think is the most important problem facing youth between 12-18 years of age?

(A)Peer pressure/drugs and alcohol - 21%

(B)People (adults) do not listen to us - 6%

(C)Fitting in at school/popularity - 26%

(D)Choosing a career/college/future direction - 37%

(E)Sexual issues (teen pregnancy/abuse/pressure, etc) - 10%

Top 5 BB ringtones this week:

1. Better Tomorrow - Etana
2. Watch Out For This - Major Lazer ft Busy Signal
3. Smile Jamaica - Chronixx
4. World is in Trouble - Jah Cure
5. Independent Jamaica - Lord Creator (#tbt)

Pic of the week:

Have you ever been lucky to capture a mongoose on camera? Well, Orville Spence found himself up close and personal with this fellow and took his chance to. These speedy mammals were introduced in Jamaica from India in 1872 to help with the eradication of rats that commonly infested sugar cane fields. Their average speed is about 32 kilometres per hour.

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