BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Contributor

Quote of the week

"A fit, healthy body - that is the best fashion statement." - Jess C. Scott (author and artist) 

BB awareness tip

As we approach summer, also known as the season of socialising, please note the following safety tips that could save you and your friends from sexual harassment and abuse while partying, on the mall or anywhere you choose to socialise.

1. Always travel in groups or, if alone, stay in areas that are occupied by people - not too much that it is crowded and people won't recognise you are there.

2. Use your speed dial wisely, keep numbers of persons you know will answer your call no matter what, in case of emergency you can call them quickly.

3. If you are uncomfortable, don't be afraid to share it sometimes it's best to trust your instincts and feelings, and let your friends know you want to leave. Never leave alone. 

Discussion topic

Which of these exercises would you take up during the summer holidays?

(A) Yoga 40%
(B) Zumba 0%
(C) Cycling 22%
(D) Regular gym routines 38%

Top five BB ringtones this week

1. This Feeling - Tinashe
2. Let's Party - Prissy G
3. Both of Us - B.O.B., featuring Taylor Swift
4. Move Ya Body - T.I.F.A.
5. It's a Celebration - Ding Dong, Konshens, Chris Martin and I-Octane 

Pic of the week

Fragaria vesca, a group of strawberries that grow naturally in the Northern Hemisphere, is seen here in a garden (planted by Roger Chang); these are known to be one the first species and the most flavourful, and is usually used in gourmet dishes, jams and even perfumes. 

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