BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week

"Cultivate the inner self; its power becomes real." - Lao-Tzu 

BB awareness tip

With the signing of the Ananda Alert memorandum of understanding, aimed at raising awareness for victims of kidnapping and, in particular, children who go missing, we are reminded that it is the efforts of a community that make it possible to reduce the occurrence of these acts and successfully find children to return them safely to their families. The Ananda Alert System involves the law offices, police stations, businesses such as mobile phone companies to make individuals alert, and as youths we play a part in broadcasting and publicising - so we encourage persons to read BlackBerry broadcasts related to these issues and forward them to friends. 

Discussion topic

Which of the following do you think has greatly influenced the change in dancehall music over the past five years?

(A) International influence 22%
(B) Feuds/competition between artistes 31%
(C) The evolution of technology, music and instruments. 27%
(D) Not sure 20% 

Top 5 BB ringtones this week

1. Beautiful - Mariah Carey, featuring Miguel
2. On Fire - Adam McKinnis, featuring KJ Hines
3. How is it to Love - Voicemail
4. Lighters Up - Alaine, featuring I-Octane
5. Get Busy - Sean Paul (#tbt) 

Pic of the week

This is one of the most popular sites visited in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by tourists, the Batu Caves about 450 million years old. The photo was taken by a relative of mine on their visit to the country earlier this year. The most interesting feature is the monkeys interacting with tourists as they take in the massive limestone shrine.