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Stephanie Lyew, Youthlilnk Writer

Quote of the week

"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life." - Jack Kerouac, author of On the Road 

BB awareness tip

Tomorrow is the beginning of Child's Month. The Youthlink team is asking all our readers to get involved in clubs and movements that advocate for the protection of Jamaica's children and instill awareness on the effects of child abuse. A lot of individuals are focused on the economic issues affecting the country presently and forget the social issues that should be of concern. Last year, the Help Jamaica's Children team staged a march to rally for child's rights, awareness and protection. This year, attend Help Ja's Children 'tweet up' on May 1 at Kia Motors, Chelsea Avenue, by registering at Don't forget to take with you donations for children in state care. 

BB scenario

@YouthlinkMag: Have you ever changed your time zone thinking it will show on BlackBerry Messenger that you are within that location? Or has anyone in your contact list ever tried that?

Shae-nae-nae: Yes, a classmate did that last Christmas, but didn't deselect the option to hide location.

@YouthlinkMag: Lol, a lot of persons think that you can choose time zone and it will change your location on BBM. What did you say to him or her?

Shae-nae-nae: I just laughed and asked him to tell me about the place, but he must have googled popular places in Europe. It became funnier when I saw him at the bus stop.

@YouthlinkMag: That's a good way to use tact. But why not just tell the individual he needs to change his location in BBM, or say to him that his location says Jamaica.

Shae-nae-nae: That's too easy, and many persons will just come up with some excuse. All I'm saying is, learn about your phone before you try pulling a stunt like that. It's unnecessary to lie. 

Discussion topic

Do you think having lockers at school to store personal items, as well as school books and other stationery is safer and more convenient?

(A) Yes 51%
(B) No 24%
(C) Undecided 25% 

Top 5 BB ringtones this week

1. Trouble (Taylor Swift Remix) - Nyanda
2. Take it (Radio Edit)- Mavado, featuring Karian Sang
3. Keep it Between Us - Kelly Rowland
4. That Power - Will.I.Am, featuring Justin Bieber
5. Redemption Song - Bob Marley (#tbt)

Picture of the week

I am terribly afraid of bees, but was fascinated with this little fellow when he stumbled upon my BB; must have been out of breath from flying. Definitely gives a whole new meaning to BB. 

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