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Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week:

"Interests evolve into hobbies or volunteer work, which grow into passions. It takes time, more time than anyone imagines." - Po Bronson (author of What Should I Do with My Life?')

BB aware tip:

In March, a concerned adult wrote to the editor complaining about a possible molester lurking in the transport centre and in the Half-Way Tree area. Students who take public transport should form groups to travel in, as a means of protecting each another. Also, persons are reminded to take taxis and buses that you are familiar with, and especially those authorised to act as public carriers.

BB scenario:

@YouthlinkMag: You lose your BlackBerry phone at school (but suspect that someone stole it), then next day you see a classmate, who never owned a BlackBerry, with one looking like yours. You:

CandyPrincess: I wouldn't jump to conclusions, even if the phone looked like mine, but would have to observe the individual for a few days before approaching him or her.

Damion (workflow): CandyPrincess, nice to meet you. Do you realise that in a few days, or by the end of the day, that classmate could sell your phone? And that person would be stupid to take it to school with them after you lost yours the previous day.

@YouthlinkMag: It is also possible that another classmate could sell it to the individual you see using it.

Damion (workflow): The best approach is to ask the person for their pin or ask if you can see the phone stating that you are interested in purchasing one like theirs. Notify a teacher or guidance counsellor that you are going to address the matter in this way.

CandyPrincess: However, students aren't allowed to have phones in our possession until after classes are over. So this method works only before class begins or at the end of the school day, Damion.

@YouthlinkMag: We like Damion's suggestion, thank you both for participating in this week's BB Scenario.

Discussion topic:

If you were asked to choose from the types of summer camps listed below, which would you choose?

(A) Football (or sports) camp 23%

(B) Music and performing arts 37%

(C) Church camp 20%

(D) Academic 20%

Top 5 BB ringtones this week:

1. Pretty Lady - Laden
2. Give Me You - Tamia
3. Ain't Nobody's Business - Chris Brown and Rihanna
4. Don't You Worry, Child - Swedish House Mafia
5. Die Young - Kesha

Picture of the week:

This little blue heron was found wandering far from its natural habitat through backyards in Hope Pastures. Special thanks to Mr John Fletcher of Birdlife Jamaica, 4 Anguilla Close (Dept of Life Sciences, UWI Mona) for helping us to identify it.


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Join our chat:

Want to join our chats, it continues on Blackberry Messenger. Add our PIN: 26FAC265 and see your responses in the following week's paper.

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