BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer 

Quote of the week:

"There is a perennial nobleness, and even sacredness in work. A man perfects himself by working, foul jungles are cleared away, fair seedfields rise instead, and stately cities." - Thomas Carlyle (Scottish philosopher, quote taken from Metalwork for Craftsmen by Emil F. Kronquist) 

BB aware tip:

Little things like keeping your keys in your pocket instead of a school bag or walking in groups can save you from getting hurt. When you got to the age where you could understand who or what a stranger was, your parents and guardians warned, "Do not speak to strangers!" Continue following this rule, but at the same time realise that not only strangers could cause you harm. See more helpful and safety tips for rape prevention on the Jamaica Constabulary Force's webpage,

BB scenario:

@YouthlinkMag: A contact appears in your chat, that you've never spoken to before, and the first thing he or she does is ask a personal question. Your reaction:

EvaCute: I always enjoy meeting new people but if his or her question is too personal, for e.g., 'Where do you live?' versus 'Where are you from?' I'd ask the person why this is of importance to them.

Meet Mark: If it is a female I'd keep her in my contacts.

@YouthlinkMag: But how would you know if it is a male or female? And individuals should understand how to approach someone before asking personal questions.

Meet Mark: That's true, and proper introduction as well as explaining how he or she got on my contact list is a must.

EvaCute: I agree! 

Discussion topic:

What type of photos do you prefer we place in the Youthlink Magazine publications?

(A) Artistes and media personalities 33%

(B) Any stylish young person 27%

(C) School photos 40%

Top 5 BB ringtones this week:

1. Mirrors: Justin Timberlake
2. Float: Machel Montano
3. Thrift Shop (Clean)- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featuring Wanz
4. Rock Star: N.E.R.D. (#tbt- throwback tune)
5. What about us: The Saturdays 

Picture of the week:

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Petronas Towers stand about 170 metres from the ground; the twin skyscrapers were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004. If you fold the Youthlink to frame the photograph submitted by Gilbert and Andrew Lyew, you'll feel as though you're there (laughs). 

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