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Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week

"A good athlete always mentally replays a competition over and over, even in victory, to see what might be done to improve the performance the next time." - Frank Shorter (former American long-distance runner) 

BB awareness tip

The Ananda Alert was a system named after Ananda Dean, a child who was kidnapped on September 17, 2008 and, subsequently, murdered. This case captured the attention of the nation and as such led to the conception of an alert system which precedes the Red Alert system (that is, 24-hour waiting period before any investigation takes place). On the Jamaica Information Service website, persons are directed to and can view news releases. However, not much has been added to the page since 2009. As such, Jamaica needs community effort to bring the attention to issues concerning child abuse. The system also utilises a mode of communication through text messages which persons may sign up for by texting "HELP" to 444-2432 (Digicel) or 444-4230 (LIME), a free service which, after sign-up, will receive information on missing children where you can show community effort in broadcasting the news in aid of finding a missing child.

Source: news/112-ananda-alert 

BB scenarios (taken from BB group chat conversations)

You get into a heated argument with a friend via BlackBerry Messenger and realise it's not getting anywhere, do you end the argument, ask to continue this conversation via phone call or in person, or just ignore him or her?

Bob Charlie: It depends on what the argument is about.

YouthlinkMag: Let's just say a minor disagreement that gets blown out of proportion.

Ms Sammie Is Royal (Ms SIR): I would ask him or her if I could call and continue the conversation so we could both explain ourselves properly.
Bob Charlie: Yes, but that would be a waste of credit.

Ms SIR: Would you rather lose that friend over a misunderstanding because of shorthand messaging and the fact that you have to assume your friend's emotions?

Bob Charlie: If that person is your friend, you'd be able to understand where he or she is coming from. The problem is, people use the word 'friend' too freely.

Ms SIR: Yes, but we're talking about friends in this situation. It's always better to sort out an issue when both persons can hear or see each other.
Bob Charlie: Then BBM Voice counts then?

YouthlinkMag: That's a good point; if you count hearing the person that the new feature to call via BlackBerry Messenger would be an option for communication.

Ms SIR: Ok. But if you can't see your friend in person then the argument would have to be solved another way.

Bob Charlie: I still think if you are having an argument through BBM, with a FRIEND, both persons should be able to understand each other or just take some time to cool off and wheel and come again. 

Discussion topic

Which of these social media sites do you visit/use mostly?

(A) Twitter 30%
(B) Facebook 27%
(C) Instagram 30%
(D) Video networks, for example, YouTube or Keek 13% 

Top 5 BB ringtones this week

1. Why You Mad - Tifa and Spice
2. Feel This Moment - Pitbull, featuring Christina Aguilera
3. SMS - Barcode Brothers (Techno)
4. Started from the Bottom (Radio Edit) - Drake
5. 22 - Taylor Swift 

Pic of the week

Congrats to Calabar High School and Holmwood Technical on their achievements in the ISSA Boys and Girls' Champships last weekend; and an extended congratulations to all participants and winners. Mario Artwell caught this Champs moment on his BlackBerry Torch and decided to share it with the Youthlink family.