BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week 

"The best gifts come from the heart, not from a store." - Sarah Dessen (Author of Lock and Key) 

BB scenarios:

YouthlinkMag: Someone (that's not close to you but within your Blackberry contact list) persistently sends you a broadcast requesting credit, how do react to them?

Jason S: Ignore it.

YouthlinkMag: Would you react differently if it was a personal message?

Jason S: If it's someone I don't really talk to, I would ignore it or just say that I don't have any. If it's constant I would get annoyed and tell them stop asking or delete them (lol).

Frances: I would tell them go ask the person they are closest to.

Jason S: People mustn't beg credit from people they are not close with.

Frances: (Lol).

YouthlinkMag: Sometimes persons just need help maintaining Bb service.

Frances: A wah yuh naah seh! Nope ... Not to put on service. I will not consider helping unless it's a close friend.

Jason S: Best solution is to return a broadcast message saying you will delete anyone that asks you for credit. 

BB awareness tip

The Youthlink magazine BB team was asked for advice on how to address a friend that was sexually harassed. There is no easy way. Every individual, whether male or female, will react to harassment differently. Some individuals shut their friends out until they decide the time is right to open up, others may not speak about the situation, separate himself or herself from team activities, while some individuals are very open about the matter. For persons with friends or relatives who have faced harassment, it's best to give him or her time and space, offer to visit counselling with him or her but encourage the person to make a report about the incident if one was not made when it occurred. See the link on 'How to Help a Friend Who has been Raped'.


Discussion topic

On a Friday night (or any night) your go-to fast food would be:

(A) Fried Chicken 34%

(B) Pizza 37%

(C) Burgers 18%

(D) Pan chicken or jerked food 11%

Top 5 BB ringtones this week:

1. Differentology (We Ready) - Bunji Garlin

2. Pour It Up -Rihanna

3. Adorn - Miguel

4. Give Me You - Tamia

5. Behind Curtain - Chronixx

Pic of the week

In Jamaica nothing beats a quarter chicken from a pan chicken man after a big event, at a link-up with friends or just Sunday cool out with the family. Kingston Directors of Photography remind us with this post on Facebook and submission to YL's BB Corner.