BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week

"To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting." - Edmund Burke (Irish statesman, 1729-1797) 

BB awareness tip

One of the most distressing broadcast messages received is the news about 'Parking Lot Perfume Robbers', which relates to criminals disguised as cologne and perfume vendors that insist passers-by sniff the products or test them on their skin, in anticipation that the individual pass out so that he or she can be kidnapped, robbed and or raped. Though the broadcast shoots from a story in the news in 1999, of a woman who claims this happened to her in a parking lot in Alabama, it is not impossible. Persons have been attacked unknowingly by criminals posing as vendors, but it has also been noted that females have been attacked 47 per cent of the time by men and women that act as friends and relatives in public places in a similar manner. So be on the alert!


Top 5 BB ringtones of the week

1. Harlem Shake - Baauer
2. Jiggle Jiggle - Konshens
3. Turn on the Lights - Future
4. Wide Awake - Katy Perry
5. Diamonds - Rihanna 

BB scenarios (taken from BB group chat conversations)

You are looking at the BlackBerry profile of the person you have a crush on, and you accidentally ping him/her, what is your first reaction?

Jermaine: Just come clean, tell her how I feel.

Missy: My reaction would be based upon the person's reaction. If he was like, "Huh? Are you crazy," I would say, "No man, it's another Jermaine" or "Wow, really? I liked you too." (lol) I'd start dating mode.

Jermaine: Haha, true. That's a good answer.

YouthlinkMag: Well, what if the answer is hurtful? Would you keep him or her as a contact?

Missy: Oh! In that case, I would feel very bad and my self-esteem would be below sea level (dwl).

Jermaine: If the crush was being a good friend before the truth came out, I'd still talk to her, though it would be awkward. 

Discussion topic of the week

Do you think a longer school year would benefit students?

(A) YES 47%
(B) NO 53% 

Pic of the week

Taken with an old Nikon D80 camera on delay, Andrew Lyew says he was able to capture the full moon using the multi-exposure setting, hence the superimposed images seen here. Do you see the man in the moon?