BB Corner

By Stephanie Lyew

Quote of the week:

"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

BB aware tip:

One in every five females that uses the mobile phone while walking in public places or driving are unaware of their surroundings. But your mobile phone, along with other strategies, may help to ward off potential rapists and attackers. The only thing females need to do is to be more aware of areas they visit. Here are a few tips as it relates to your mobile phone: Keep phones charged or invest in a spare battery, always have someone that is close to you as well as emergency numbers for the police on speed dial, text a friend or relative your whereabouts, or give them status updates when travelling to school, work or home and do not listen to music on your phone through headphones while travelling alone, and if you are attacked you can quickly press the letter or key assigned for speed dial so someone will at least hear what's happening and get help. See other tip at

Joke of the week:

A man joined a big international company as a trainee.

On his first day, he dialed the kitchen and shouted into the phone, "Get me a cup of coffee, quickly!"

The voice from the other side responded, "You fool, you've dialed the wrong extension! Do you know who you're talking to?"

"No," replied the trainee.

"It's the managing director of the company, you idiot!"

The trainee shouted back, "And do you know who you are talking to, you idiot?"

"No!" replied the managing director angrily.

"Thank God!" replied the trainee and put the phone down. 

Discussion topic:

Which day of the week are you most likely to go to the cinema to watch a movie?

(A) Tuesday (two for one) 22%

(B) Friday (start of the weekend) 38%

(C) Saturday or Sunday(after weekend classes) 33%

(D) Any day of the week (depends on the occasion) 7%

Pic of the week:

When I went to get my phone fixed at Quantum Concepts, I was quite amazed and happy to see this machine. Just find the adapter that matches your phone, slip in a $100 bill and it charges your phone for 15 minutes. 

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