Are long-distance relationships better ?

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

If you live in Montego Bay, could you be committed to someone who lives in Kingston and remain true to him or her? Better yet, what if you live in Jamaica and the person lives abroad or vice versa?

With long-distance relationships come challenges and being able to sustain such a relationship may prove to be a burden. On one hand, some think being in a long-distance relationship is exciting because of the anticipated moments when they get to see each other again; they cherish those moments. Others, however, think they create more problems for a couple. Where do you fall on this issue? 

Nicolette James:

I think there is a connection that is built when two people interact with each other with frequent physical contact and if that is lacking for a period of time, problems will start to develop. If it's a case where you're with someone because of how you feel about him/her, then being apart won't work for too long and can create more problems for the couple. 

Jamie Dowe:

I don't think long-distance relationships are better. The fact that both persons are far from each other, they may become lonely and be tempted to cheat, and the trust and faith in the other may diminish over time. Additionally, some people just can't trust their partner to handle the long-distance thing. 

Jade Henriques:

Being away from a loved one can prove the level of commitment each person has for the other and can serve as a test for both parties, but it would still be kind of a strain. What I can really say it has over 'short-distance relationships' is that it makes you miss the other person much more. 

Jeffery Hines:

With technology these days, a webcam, phone call, social media or text makes is easier to have a long-distance relationship. Some persons prefer when their partner is far away from them; they feel comfortable that way. I think they are better in some respects and make the relationship more interesting. 

Samantha Jackson:

Careers can pull anyone across the country in pursuit of better opportunities. You'll need to look inside yourself and be sure that you're ready to deal with this level of commitment that takes the form of a long-distance relationship. I believe it can work, but it just depends on the individuals and whether they are in it for the long haul.